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Red Chilli
Red Chilli
522 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Red Chilli

522 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

While Indian cuisine has long been a favorite among American diners, Nepalese cooking is still relatively unknown. And that's a shame, because Nepalese dishes are spicy, hearty and healthy—designed for a people who climb sheer mountain faces and live in often harsh conditions. Red Chilli is proud to serve both Indian and Nepalese dishes to our eager customers. We hope you will find something new at Red Chilli, and that you'll enjoy our Nepalese cuisine as much as we know you'll love our Indian dishes.

Many are familiar with traditional Indian appetizers samosas and pakora. Here at Red Chilli, ours are handmade from fresh ingredients and fried to crispy deliciousness. We serve them with the traditional tangy, sweet sauces. Our Nepalese momo are a less familiar treat. Related to Japanese gyoza and Chinese dumplings, momo are a kind of steamed bun stuffed with a variety of fillings. Try our chicken or vegetable momo, served with traditional sauce. But be careful: you might become addicted!

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We take great pride in our Indian Tandoori dishes. Tandoori means cooked in a very hot hot clay oven. Our Tandoori and kebab dishes, with lamb, chicken, prawns or other seafood, have a delicious seared, grilled flavor. Our chicken, lamb and seafood curries are spicy and traditional, and you can enjoy them alone or with a biryani, or flavored rice, dish or a vegetable dish.

The Nepali choices on our menu include such savory delights as fish, goat and shrimp curries, flavored with traditional Nepali spices. Watch out, as well, for our Daily Nepali Special, which is a curry plus various vegetable side dishes that are beloved in the mountainous regions of Nepal. This spread is called "thali," which is the Nepalese equivalent of the Chinese Dim Sum or perhaps an American buffet.

Whether you choose from our Indian or Nepalese dishes, we know you'll be in love with Red Chilli from the very first mouthful!

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